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The Effective Feedback Checklist
For New and Emerging Leaders
Feel more confident giving feedback by using this checklist to guide you before, during and after your conversation. 
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Renee Metty is an international speaker, executive coach and leadership development consultant specializing in helping accidental leaders and founders saying to goodbye to chaos and hello to clarity.

She passionately equips her community of followers and subscribers with skills, systems and strategies needed to be come more consistent, more confident and cut through the overwhelm to become more intentional and clear in their leadership and present in their entire life.
In this FREE DOWNLOAD, I'll Show You:
Spend literally five minutes reviewing this checklist...It's that simple! You'll see how this checklist gives you the framework you need to provide the most effective feedback that people are willing to hear.
I've had some great feedback sessions and some that have gone horribly awry. I am so excited to share with you the guidelines that changed the way I communicate & gave me the confidence to have effective conversations.
By implementing these tips and tricks in your conversation, not only will you feel more confident giving the feedback, you will do so more effectively.  
You'll discover the best way to prepare for the feedback session so that you are clear as a bell on what you want to communicate and the outcome you want from the conversation.  
Hi, I'm Renee Metty
I equip and empower leaders and founders (often the accidental kind) with skills, systems and strategies to be more consistent, more confident and move from chaos to clarity so you can be more intentional in your leadership and present in your entire life.

With 20 plus years of experience working with individuals, teams and organizations in high pressure situations. Renee is skillful at facilitating change with ease. Her corporate journey began in several Fortune 100 companies. Renee has an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and an M.Ed. in Special Education. She s applying her skillset of working with people in highly stressed environments as an Executive Coach, Consultant and Facilitator. Renee is certified mindfulness instructor, body language trainer and mental game skills instructor. She is a PhD Candidate studying Business Psychology and Leadership Development.

The Effective Feedback Checklist will give you the leadership skills and confidence you need, so that you can get the results you want for your team.

*Corporate Executive Board; First Time Manager Survey, The Ken Blanchard Companies, 2015.
Source HBR:
"Renee is an exceptional leadership development consultant and coach. She was instrumental in facilitating a full-day offsite for our executive team, strategically guiding us through activities that aligned with our vision and outcomes. Her calm presence coupled with high energy was a great fit for our newly formed team as she helped foster trust, team cohesion and effective collaboration. Renee consistently read the challenges in the room and was able to ask the tough and powerful questions that lead us toward action. She has a positive, can-do attitude and is warm, fun to work with while at the same time able to get things done. Her capability to work with teams and individuals is stellar. I'd highly recommend Renee for leadership development and organizational effectiveness needs."
Pete Harwood-Stamper
"Renee has the rare ability to deliver scientifically based information while authentically connecting with her audience in a personal manner. The knowledge and expertise she holds regarding mindfulness was apparent from the moment she began speaking. As a speaker and mindset expert, Renee has the gift to inspire and instill habit change for her audience after only one workshop. As a business owner, Renee exceeded my high expectations to the point that I will be hosting her as our next keynote speaker at a future retreat."
Jenna Brasch
"Renee is an inspiration to everyone she meets. She is always willing to help others let their inner light shine and works increase their personality impact and influence. She has a kind and generous soul and I am lucky to know her."
Vanessa Van Edwards
Behavior Investigator, Author and Keynote
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